The Edenkobener Bagatellen (15', 2004) for piano, in collaboration with composer PerMagnus Lindborg

commissioned by Herrenhaus Edenkoben in Germany

First performed by Prodromos Symeonidis at Herrenhaus Edenkoben in Germany 5 June 2004.
Second performance by Albert Lin at 'After Eight' Concert Series at Esplanade Singapore 28 April 2005.
CD contains two parts: the collection of 8 Edenkobener Bagatellen and the version where these 8 pieces are interwoven into the Beethoven's Bagatellen. The 'spliced' collection is entitled Edenkoben Beethoven Bagatellen.


The Edenkobener Bagatellen is a collection of 8 short pieces. They are musical responses to the Beethoven's Elf Neue Bagatellen opus 119. The Beethoven's Bagatellen are used as points of reference. The newer bagatelles are conceived such that, while they retain their identities to form an independent collection, they have the fluidity of moving in and out of the Beethoven's Bagatelles creating another dynamic structure. The connections between pieces are established in multiple ways. Often, the relationship is both sensual (i.e. the model and the new piece share the same musical atmosphere) and material (i.e. the pitches, durations, melodic profiles, special features etc. of the new piece are entirely and uncompromisingly based on those of the model).

These bagatellen are composed for Prodromos Symeonidis during the composers' residency at Herrenhaus Edenkoben in Germany 2004.


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